Need PR Assistance? Try Gnosis Arts Media Group

Gnosis Arts Media Group is an Internet PR firm Focusing on tech, social media and nonprofit PR projects analytics qualified by Google as well as approved by, PR Newswire, Texas Enterprise and the New York Times. They are also PayPal Verified.

I first became aware of Gnosis Arts on Twitter by recommendation of Kristal McKerrington., and with such a fine background, including their own Code of Ethics, and services which include free press releases, this is a group of people always open to discuss the PR needs of current and future clients.

Gnosis Arts Media Group believes strongly in serving its community. Through their internship program, coordinated through partnerships with Bloomsburg University, as well as other colleges, Gnosis educates the next generation of communications professionals to be productive, knowledgeable and successful members of their companies and communities. In addition, they founded a not-for-profit educational society – the Antifundamentalism Society – as a unique commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Contact Gnosis Arts Media Group

Telephone: 949.229.1092

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Follow on Twitter: @GnosisArts

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