Not Our Grandparents’ Milk Truck: A New Idea for Nursing Moms

Call it a new concept in breast feeding, if you will.

Jill Miller is the brainchild behind The Milk Truck, a new alternative for nursing mothers who have been met with disapproval for public breast feeding.

The Pittsburgh artist and Carnegie Mellon University teacher developed The Milk Truck as a safe haven for mothers to breast feed their babies without the harassment and ‘stink eye’ glances of others around them.

The truck will also make regular rounds on its “Pump Route” to offer a private, clean space for women to pump breast milk on the job, and due to popular demand, will visit businesses and events that are breastfeeding-friendly within 50 miles of the Pittsburgh area.

This special vehicle is not our grandparents’ milk truck, however; The Milk Truck is a refurbished ice cream truck topped with a breast sculpture – a whimsical, comforting and friendly-appearing truck difficult to miss!

“Milk Truck Day” was observed September 13, 2011in Downtown Pittsburgh. Its proclamation took place at 10AM in the City Council Chamber on the City County Building’s fifth floor. The Milk Truck will also make an appearance at the Warhol Museum’s “Pittsburgh Biennial – Gertrude’s/LOT” exhibit from September 17 through December 10.

Donations are still being accepted to get and keep The Milk Truck running. Click here to find out how you can help. You can also email any questions.

Read more about The Milk Truck and its mission on their web site.

Visit Jill Miller’s web site

Follow The Milk Truck on Twitter


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