Demand Facebook Remove Pages That Promote Sexual Violence

Facebook says that hate speech and incitements to violence are banned and will be removed from their site. So why are they maintaining the page Riding Your Girlfriend Softly Cause You Don’t Want to Wake Her Up and another page about “throwing bricks at sluts,” which includes a photo gallery of portraits asking “Bang or Brick”?

There’s also been an organized effort to use Facebook’s own reporting system to flag these and other pages that encourage rape and violence against women so they’ll be taken down. However, Facebook has yet to take action in removing the offending pages.

Now John Raines is going straight to the top. He started a petition on telling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take down these pages and to take a stronger stand against violence to women.

When one in three American women will be sexually abused and/or assaulted in her lifetime pages like these — and the reactions they elicit — are downright scary. Tens of thousands of people have “liked” these pages. Some people even use them as platforms to share rape fantasies and receive explicit tactics for how to carry them out.

John has seen the devastating impact of sexual violence and rape firsthand, on his own family. That’s why he created this petition on to get Facebook to enforce its existing policies and to make it clear that content promoting rape and violence against women violates Facebook’s Terms of Service and won’t be tolerated. He should be applauded for such efforts.

Women are not objects; they deserve to be respected and treated as equals. Any site promoting any type of violence against them is just wrong, and Facebook needs to remove any page doing such.


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