Self-Published Authors: Get Promoted With Authors on Show

Where are all the self-published authors?

Authors On Show is willing to promote you, your books, and even accept articles you’ve written.

AOS feels self-published authors deserves as much fair shake as “traditionally” published writers (be they published from smaller houses or by the Big Six publishers). With the holidays not far from the horizon, there’s no better time to get your work noticed – and garner sales in the process!

Did you know…

Self-publishing is becoming less the stigma it once was. Self-publishing no longer means “last resort” because a brick and mortar publishing house didn’t accept your work. Currently, 3 in 5 books published each month are self-published or print on demand (POD).

Self-published books are now beginning to outsell books released by traditional publishing companies, especially those published for ereaders?

Self-published authors have more control over their sales, royalties, promotions, and artistic endeavors.

With the above, there’s no better time for self-published authors to be promoted and boost their sales…and Authors on Show is happy to help!

If you’d like to be on Authors on Show, contact for additional information.


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