For Writers: Publishing Made Easier

Say goodbye to the multi-screen Publishing Tool and say hello to’s fully implemented Single Step Pub Tool. Once live, you can access the new tool using the same process you use now. Simply log in and select “Write an article” from the drop-down menu.

In just a few days, you’ll have all of your current publishing capabilities and even a few added features, including multiple photo upload, the ability to drag and drop photos (using Firefox or Chrome only) and a true article preview.

Just one thing to keep in mind: Examiner now requires a 250×200 minimum photo size.

Examiner is also excited to present brand-spanking-new channel, subchannel and tag pages. Enhanced to provide a better experience for you and your readers, these pages will showcase featured, popular and recent content around a particular topic or channel/sub-channel.

In addition, the enhanced pages will incorporate local-specific content relevant to the reader to look more like the home pages.

Writing articles can’t get any more simple!


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