Pittsburgh Milk Truck is Rolling

Jill Miller’s dream has come to fruition.

After planning, fund raising, and developing, the Pittsburgh Milk Truck is set to get on the road. A truck with a huge breast on the roof and a flashing red light, the Milk Truck is difficult to miss, and tends to spark breast feeding rights discussions.

There’s always a reaction from those who have seen the Milk Truck; some are amused by its appearance, others stare with mouths agape. Yet there are women who are thanking Miller for coming up with such an innovative concept.

The initial idea The Milk Truck was if a nursing mom is made to feel uncomfortable at a restaurant or business, she could call The Milk Truck. Not only could the mother nurse in a comfortable an private environment, but also the place of business or restaurant would be embarrassed in the process. The moment has yet to happen, but Miller says they are prepared if such a scenario warrants The Milk Truck’s services.

The Milk Truck has been set up at events themed to discuss public breast feeding. Miller said she’d like to expand to tailgating parties. The latter should be quite an attention grabber.

Click here to view a video of The Milk Truck (courtesy KDKA).


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