Pittsburgh Dad: A Hilarious Online Sensation

“Quit screwin’ around on the computer and help your mom carry the groceries into the house!”

“Get off my lawn!”

“Quit drinkin’ my pop!”

Sound like a grumpy neighbor or one of your relatives? Whatever the case, there won’t be anyone who can’t identify with at least one situation outlined in YouTube’s latest sensation, Pittsburgh Dad

Pittsburgh Dad is a collection of hilarious 60-second clips, with a new episode added each Tuesday. Recent episodes have featured situations on cutting grass, Thanksgiving, pop in the basement, and snow – with many more funny stories to come!

This Web-based situation comedy is no longer just a hometown secret, however; in addition to a feature in Boring Pittsburgh and on local news channels, Pittsburgh Dad has also received national attention via Miami Herald, Newsday, Boston.com, and Yahoo! News, just to name a few.

Fans can also follow Pittsburgh Dad on Twitter as well as join the Facebook page.

Meanwhile, don’t miss out on the amusing craziness only Pittsburgh Dad can pull off with style and bring huge laughs. Check it out n’at!


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