Pittsburgh the New “In” City for 2012

New York. Orlando. Washington, D.C. Los Angeles. A few places that could be named tourist destinations.

Now Pittsburgh can be added to the list.

A look down at its city view from atop Mount Washington, and one will see one reason The Washington Post named Pittsburgh the new “In City” for 2012. The former “Steel City” was already named one of the Best In the World for 2012 by National Geographic Traveler in October 2011.

With both the aforementioned media honors as well as the forthcoming 2012 NHL Draft in June, Pittsburgh is sure to see a strong surge in tourism. The city presently draws many people from different parts of the world, some as far away as Germany and London.

Among Pittsburgh’s attractions are the arts, biking and walking trails, reasonable rents, steady housing market, relatively low crime rates, and world-famous food, including sandwiches from Primanti Brothers, which The Washington Post described as “the weirdest and most delicious.”

The largest draw, however, are the people of Pittsburgh, who are “the heart of the city.” You won’t meet more friendly and spirited people than in this city. For sports fans, Pittsburgh bragging six Super Bowl trophies doesn’t hurt either.

As an old cigarette ad once said, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Pittsburgh certainly has.


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