Pittsburgh Ranks #1 in Ten Most Affordable Last-Minute Getaways

With spring just seven weeks away, it’s not uncommon for us to think about where to travel for a well-deserved holiday. But what if you aren’t able to book a trip far enough in advance, yet seek an equally affordable – yet last-minute – getaway?

US News Travel has released its lists of top ten destinations for tourists who seek travel destinations at great bargain rates..

Discount travel web site Hotwire.com and Harris Interactive polled more than 2,000 travelers for its American Travel Behavior Survey during July 2011. Seventy percent of those polled believed that their travel would be more affordable with reservations made far in advance.

However, Hotwire shows that travel spending can be cut in half with last minute bookings within seven days of planned trip dates. Hotwire also pulled together a list of top ten destinations in the United States where travelers find the most significant last-minute hotel bargains in contrast of their general rates.

Among the ten cities, Pittsburgh was the number one ranked last-minute destination. Hotwire advises spending on a new wardrobe in our city – as there is no sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania. Also featured are the city’s thriving arts scene and array of restaurants. Hotel rooms in Pittsburgh can be booked through Hotwire as low as $90 per night.

Other cities mentioned are Atlanta (#2), Dallas-Fort Worth (#3), Phoenix (#4), Denver (#5), St. Louis (#6), Chicago (#7), Boston (#8), Orlando (#9), and Washington, DC (#10).


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