‘Restless Souls’ Review on CieloDrive.com “Press Tour” Features

In addition to writing my own books, it’s always a joy to read the work of my fellow authors. It’s even more of a pleasure that I come across books I’ve enjoyed so much I’ve featured them as “Book of the Week” on my blog, The Book Shelf.

No, I don’t get paid for my opinions, but I’ve encountered a lot of good reading with my hobby.

Sometimes, I get feedback on my selections, sometimes I don’t, but the important thing is that my reviews are being read. With that in mind, imagine the pleasant surprise I’d gotten today when I discovered my Book of the Week 2/27/12: Restless Souls by Alisa Statman and Brie Tate appeared on the “Press Tour” list on CieloDrive.com web site.

Receiving thanks from author Alisa Statman was an honor by itself, but being listed among the likes of USA Today, New York Post, CBS News, and CTV News: Canada AM, just to name a few, is even a bigger honor. I’m sure as Restless Souls’ publicity continues to expand, its “Press Tour” list will grow longer.

Haven’t gotten this book yet? Check it out now on Amazon.


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