Catster Launching Online Magazine

Catster, the online community for cat resources and social networking, announced it will launch Catster Magazine on March 12.

According to Catster’s official announcement, “all the favorite blogs — the Cat’s MeowVet Blog, and Kitty News Network — are going to be rolled into Catster Magazine.

Instead of visiting several URLs to see the daily content, you’ll just need to visit the homepage to see everything in one combined feed. However, there won’t be a print magazine.

Cat’s Meow anchor Dorian Wagner and Kitty News Network editor JaneA Kelley will still be writing regularly, while Dr. Eric Barchas will still be answering your questions. Most  current blog contributors (Sarah Donner, Luna the Fashion Kitty, Christine Martinez, Stephanie Harwin, Anna Zeman) will be writing for Catster Magazine as well.

Be sure to check in for the official unveiling of Catster Magazine March 12!



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