Two Dead, Seven Injured in Western Psychiatric Shooting

Seven people are confirmed injured and two dead, one being a gunman. No motive has been revealed thus far. Coverage has been going on all afternoon since the shooting happened around 2:00PM.

A gunman walked into the lobby and opened fire. About 30 shots were fired, according to a witness. The shooter was shot and killed by a University of Pittsburgh police officer.

Oakland section of Pittsburgh where the hospital is located was on lockdown and a “bronze alert” at the hospital went into effect, meaning police are searching room to room on each floor. Patients and employees were evacuated from the hospital to the Petersen Events Center. Some lockdowns began to be lifted on several buildings around 5:00PM.

Police discovered two weapons, with another round loaded. It is not clear if there were two suspects or if one suspect had two weapons.

Five of the seven people injured are in surgery. Families of patients who are already in Oakland are being directed to the Petersen Events Center for additional information.

Pittsburgh Police has set up a phone number for families of employees or patients and anyone who left property behind: 412-623-7724.


Shooter entered a public area of the building with two semiautomatic handguns. It is believed he acted alone.

University of Pittsburgh police officers were first to arrive at the scene before Pittsburgh Police, sheriff’s deputies, and SWAT team members.

One victim is in ICU after surgery, four admitted to the hospital for surgery, and two were treated and released from the hospital. One victim received non-gunshot injuries. All seven injured are expected to survive.

Names of the dead will not be released at present time. Only information available that both deceased victims are male.

Reports of activity on the second floor of Western Psych were investigated.

Claudia Roth of Western Psychiatric stated that all security precautions will be throughly reviewed. She confirmed five Western Psych employees were wounded.


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