Epitome of Poor Taste: Belvedere Vodka Rape Joke Ad

Just when you thought ads didn’t get any more classless and vulgar,
Belvedere Vodka takes the latest prize in poor taste:

On Friday afternoon, Belvedere Vodka, which has healthy followings on Twitter (10,263 followers) and Facebook (916,970 fans), posted this ad on both of those accounts:


They’ve since issued an apology, but it appears the apology isn’t being accepted very well.

Can you blame people for being outraged? All the apologies and setting up messages for sexual assault hotlines in the world won’t even begin to compensate for such a vile ad being posted in the first place.

I’ve never bought this product, and after this atrocity, I never will. Any company that makes light of a serious issue such as sexual assault and/or portrays women as nothing more than objects to be used for carnal purposes deserves to be boycotted. Women are human beings not whores, objects, or anything else of lesser value, and they certainly don’t deserve to be taken by force if they say “NO!”

It’s good to see so many people not accepting Belvedere’s attempt to gloss over a faux pas that shouldn’t have gone public in the first place. I hope for their own sake, they put more thought into their future ad campaigns.


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