Help Christopher SanPietro Become a “Local Hero”

ChristopherA fellow poster on has a 42-year-old cousin who was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor at age four. Not expected to survive past six months to a year, Christopher SanPietro has beaten at least one odd. Now he needs our help to conquer another.

Effects from the tumor limits Christopher’s mobility, and lately his condition has worsened with his age. He can no longer walk (he used to be able to with someone holding him up) and because of that he hasn’t been able to leave the house in awhile. One way for Christopher to able to leave his home to go bowling again in his league that he loves, and enjoy other activities, is if he can get a wheelchair accessible van.

Unfortunately, those vans are extremely expensive, but thanks to National Mobility Awareness Month being observed in May, Christopher’s story is among “Local Heroes” stories that will be voted on, with the winners awarded a new customized wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Help Christopher be one of those winners and get the van he needs to venture into the world once again. Go here to vote on his story. You may vote once each day, and of course, voting is free!


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