Monday, But Life is Good

It was a GREAT morning to sit under the pavilion and work on some more chapters for The Cruiserweight’s Daughter manuscript. I’ve had many new plot ideas and a couple of characters to blend into the story, and a few more twists. While many liked The Cruiserweight, that book was geared more toward a male audience. While some men may like the wrestling-related scenes, I plan to guide The Cruiserweight’s Daughter more toward my female readers.

Not sure when That Right will release The Cruiserweight’s Daughter paperback version, but I’d like to get the Kindle edition up on Amazon by early Fall 2012.

Once this manuscript is completed, I already have a new novel idea in the works that I will jump into between other projects (Free Press book reviews twice a month as well as other Book of the Week selections, the SEEN This Week weekly column, and author profiles for The Book Shelf blog).

As many of you already noticed, I’ve tried my hand at reviewing a few adult films, and the reaction – at least according to my site hits – has been above and beyond my expectations.

Another thing aside from writing is I’ve had a pair of jeans I’ve had since 2007. In the last year or so after I wrecked one of my knees last summer, I wasn’t as active as I’d been, and to make a long story short, the jeans (among other favorite clothes) became too tight. It didn’t help that my diet was shot to total garbage and I was depressed over my then-reduced state.

Once I’d begun the Synvisc-One injections and glucosamine/chondroitin supplements – along with a lot of physical therapy – I was back to my old self by April of this year. No, I won’t be running marathons soon, but it’s great to be able to exercise again without agonizing pain and stiffness afterward.

Those jeans I mentioned? I tried them on this morning just for giggles…and THEY ZIPPED! As a matter of fact, I’m wearing them as of this blog post. Life is good.

I’m going power walking later as a reward for all the manuscript chapters I’d finished over the weekend, and if the weather stays decent, may head down to Latrobe later this week to watch training camp. I love football season!

Hope this week also finds all of you well and celebrating your own successes.


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