NaNo Prep Day on a Sun Porch

Today was the official NaNo Prep Day, but truth be told, it’s safe to assume the majority of writers participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started their own planning strategies long before today. After all, something this big is like Rome – neither was done/built in a day.

There are many places to plan a novel, be it a library, your home office, a dorm room, or even a quiet spot in the woods.

Today’s high temperature was 71 degrees F (21.6 C) with sunshine, far too nice to stay cooped on my sofa with a stack of college rule notebooks, yellow highlighter, dictionary, thesaurus and pens with ink of various colors. I needed a different environment to document my still-flowing ideas if I wanted to get Klass Act off to a running start once November 1 arrives.

I found it in my significant other’s house. He has a magnificent sun porch with a beautiful view of the hillside and everything below it in his neighborhood’s vicinity. I brought along all of my planning supplies – carefully tucked in a well-used Jones New York backpack – along with my MP3 player.

I spent three and a half hours today on that sun porch organizing character development, plot ideas, how I wanted the story to unfold, what types and numbers of fonts would be best, and of course, surfing the NaNo site for some inspiration and ideas. The significant other made some suggestions (as he’d done during my writing of The Cruiserweight’s Daughter), which I penned in margins of what I call my “main notebook.”

All in total within the past week since I signed up to take the challenge of writing 50,000 words in one month, I’ve spent 20 hours researching, outlining, and planning Klass Act. My college-ruled notebooks are almost full. Looks like I may have to buy a few more before the end of this month.

I always liked a challenge, and this may be my best one to date…even if I don’t finish the whole 50,000 words (or beyond, as some have).


5 responses to “NaNo Prep Day on a Sun Porch

  1. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon outlining, but if I had that view, I’m not sure I would have accomplished that much, beautiful!

    Thanks for following my Richard Brautigan Club blog. NaNo is a wonderful experience, lovely to hear you’re on board!! 🙂

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