Seven Days to NaNo: We Want To Write!


This will be the longest seven days of my life.

One week from today, NaNoWriMo will be underway. Pre-event meetings, kickoff parties, and even planning write-ins aren’t enough to fill the long seven days before anyone begins their actual novel.

Donovan Klass and other characters of Klass Act are waiting to turn loose from hand-scratched notes in college-ruled notebooks to computer screen via Microsoft Office. The character introduced as a mischievous college student who idolizes his father – and was one of Autumn’s childhood friends – in The Cruiserweight’s Daughter will take center stage November 1…which is taking forever to arrive.

I’m not the only one itching to get my manuscript in motion. Other NaNoWriMo members are also getting restless. Can you blame them?

Weeks – even months- of planning novels comes down to seven more days before keyboards begin clicking and creative minds running amok. How many will make it to the finish line in 2012?

By the way, the kitty in the photo isn’t mine, but generally sums up how most of us feel in an amusing sense.


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