A Taste of NaNo Victory

Klass Act was validated yesterday (November 25) as a NaNoWriMo winner at 80,005 words.

This was my first year of doing NaNo, so you can almost imagine how elated I am. A lot of love, planning, writing, research, coffee and Pepsi went into writing all those words (which totaled 58 chapters) – and the book is far from finished.

Yes, I still have plenty in store for Donovan, Avadon, Lana, Peter, Kathy, and the rest of the Klass Act cast. No, I’m not releasing any spoilers.

Third book in The Cruiserweight Series, I’m aiming to have Klass Act published sometime in early 2013 (at least the Kindle version. When the paperback will be released remains unknown, considering That Right/Taylor Street has a regular huge workload).

Thanks to all who supported me in my latest endeavor, and also the naysayers . Whether I do this again next year remains to be seen; it will depend on whether or not I’m already working on a project. Maybe I will make the time anyway; we shall see when November 2013 rolls around.


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