An Open Letter from Jeff Blackmer

In light of the horrible school shooting tragedy in Connecticut today, I wanted to repost an open letter that my Facebook friend Jeff Blackmer wrote:

An Open Letter To All Inconsolable and Despondent Gun Owners

1. The world is not going to end on Dec 21, 2012…I promise

2. Yes, the holidays can be very depressing. The greed of the world has ruined what could have been a very simple celebration.

3. Turn your weapon in at the nearest police station. If you are really depressed and/or angry, it’s not safe for you to own a gun.

4. Please, please, please go get some counseling; go to a doctor; find a friend to talk to. It may quite possibly save your life.

5. Know that taking any life, yours included, will not solve whatever problems are haunting you. You will not end pain, only multiply it.

6. If you utterly refuse the help of others and are resolved that nothing will end your pain but the taking of life, then, as painful as it is to say…let that end be yours alone. If you wish to cause pain and sadness, know your rash decision will bring plenty to your friends and family. Your sad and solitary plan is selfish enough. Do not cause pain to those who do not even know you.


Pray for those whose lives were lost in Newtown, CT today in such an unnecessary and horrid manner. There is also no better day than today to hug your kids…and everyone else’s.


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