It’s Time to Stop Pointing Fingers

196046_4564314440053_1052797986_nAs horrible as the shootings this Friday were, the hate and prejudices it had brought out in people is just as bad as the crime itself. I understand hate toward the individual (especially from the families directly affected), but there is no reason to attack everyone with a mental illness or autism. People who suffer from these medical conditions didn’t ask to be that way.

Nor do all people suffering from them commit acts of violence.

These people could be our friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, spouses, significant others, children, or even the delivery driver who brought your pizza. People with mental conditions deserve as much respect as those with any medical condition.

There are good and bad people, sick and healthy. Yet because one person was “different” or “off,” there’s people spewing that everyone with any form of mental disability be locked away. Hey, it doesn’t matter if they have violent tendencies or not. Cut off the pay and benefits of those with mental disabilities, and take away the rest of their rights while we’re at it. Kill all the counseling and other outpatient agencies, then there will be plenty of money to run mental hospitals – lock up anyone who is “different.” Problem solved!

Do these “experts” have any idea how ignorant they sound? What if a healthy person had been the one who committed this atrocity of a crime? Think about it.

None of us know the whole situation, nor will we ever. The media gives us bits of information, and suddenly everyone is an expert. As a person who battled major depressive disorder (MDD) and dysthymic disorder for over 25 years with a significant other who was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following a car accident that nearly killed him in 2000, some peoples’ ignorance annoys me to no end.

You didn’t see either of us getting a gun and shooting innocent people – especially 20 children – do you? Of course not!

There are many good people out there who battled some form of mental illness/mood disorder; unfortunately, in light of Friday’s horrid event, many tend to forget this.

As a friend of mine posted earlier today, people need to learn the difference between a bad person and a mentally ill one. To call someone evil when they are mentally ill or even suffer from a mood disorder is wrong. A group of people shouldn’t be judged based on the acts of one person, plain and simple.

We can point fingers at many factors which led up to this shooting all we like, but at the end of the day, 27 people are still tragically dead – 20 of them children.

20 children who won’t be waking up this Christmas morning.
20 children who won’t be attending their prom.
20 children who won’t graduate from high school.
20 children who won’t earn a college degree.
20 children who won’t fall in love.
20 children who won’t get married and begin their own families.
20 children who won’t experience all the other wonderful things life would have offered them.


It’s been an emotional weekend for all of us, but for one moment, it’s time to stop pointing fingers and think about what’s really important. Wouldn’t you agree?


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