Second Annual ‘Jams for Jimmy’ Set for Feburary


Following the success of the 2012 Jams for Jimmy Slack event, the second annual Jams for Jimmy will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at the Bridgeville Fire Hall in Bridgeville, PA.

As of this post, event organizers have decided on an organization as to donate proceed’s from this year’s show, and have an exciting line-up planned. Details are being finalized, with all information to be announced in the near future.

Jimmy Slack was a 25-year-old man who attended a String Cheese Incident concert on December 6, 2011 at Stage AE on the North Shore in Pittsburgh, PA. He was last seen at 9:30PM that night and was last talked to at 1:30 AM from the Stage AE site, according to a report by Pittsburgh Police.

After missing for several weeks, his body was discovered in the Ohio River on January 23, 2012, less than a mile from where he went missing.

For additional updates on the second annual Jams for Jimmy, visit the Facebook event page. His family and friends would love to see you there.


3 responses to “Second Annual ‘Jams for Jimmy’ Set for Feburary

  1. Hi L. Anne, I’m Jimmys Mom. Thank you so very much for putting this on your site. Could I please make a correction? The 3am phone call never existed. Media at the time printed alot of errors. That phone call was made to my son, never answered. This was the unaswered call that bounced off of the New Kensingston tower for undelivered calls. Our family was misled by the information also & was searching in that ares. The very last phone call Jimmy made was at 1:30am to a friend he did speak to. I now have proof of this. Thank you again for
    all of your help. Sincerely, Donna

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