Sexy Sunday: A Teaser from ‘Klass Act’

A little teaser from the upcoming Klass Act:


“I have another surprise for you,” Donovan said.

Lana gazed at him.‭ “‬What‭?”

Without a word,‭ ‬he picked her up from the sofa.‭ ‬She squealed and begged him to put her down.

He gave her a mischievous look.‭ “‬What‭’‬s the rule before I do‭?”

She responded with a deep yet gentle kiss.

‭“Hmmm,” he said as he released her and took her hand, “you definitely earned this surprise.”

Coming to the door of his bedroom,‭ ‬Lana heard soft music playing as he slowly opened the door.‭ ‬She looked around the room,‭ ‬astonished by the number of candles and tulips spread throughout,‭ ‬making a warm and special place for just the two of them.‭

He placed his arms around her from behind.‭ “‬Little one,‭ ‬tonight is just about us.‭”

Donovan turned her around,‭ ‬feeling her heart race as she anticipated what was to come of the remaining evening.‭ ‬He ran his fingers through her hair,‭ ‬softly caressing her soft cheeks,‭ ‬pulling her so close,‭ ‬he could feel the warmth of her breath on his skin.

He felt his pulse start to race as he undressed her down to her white lace‭ ‬bra and bikini panties.‭ ‬He picked her up gently in his arms,‭ ‬holding her close,‭ ‬forgetting the world around them,‭ ‬if only but for a moment.‭ ‬He lay Lana on the bed,‭ ‬his fingers through her silky hair.‭ ‬Still looking into her eyes,‭ ‬Donovan lowered his head to hers as she grasped his neck.‭

Their lips so close,‭ ‬pecking,‭ ‬kissing ever so gently,‭ ‬he nibbled on her lips,‭ ‬savoring the taste.‭ ‬Their hands started roaming each other‭’‬s bodies as she rubbed his chest.‭ ‬His hands worked their way down her neck as their kissing became more urgent.‭ ‬Donovan could feel Lana‭’‬s breath quickening,‭ ‬see the passion building in her eyes,‭ ‬feel the heat from her skin.

He reached for a bottle of lavender oil that was heating in a bowl of water.‭ ‬He wanted to pamper her for awhile.‭ “‬Turn over,‭”‬ he said in a low voice.


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