Sexy Sunday: Teaser from ‘Klass Act’ 2/3/13


Kathy sat on the sofa and glared at Peter,‭ ‬who sat beside her.‭ ‬He snored softly while a TV program droned in the background.‭

‭“Let’s take off the rest of the day for quality alone time,” he said. “It will be fun without Peta in the house for a few hours,” he said.

She shook her head in disgust and poked him.‭ “‬Peter.‭”

“Hmmm‭?”‬ More snoring.

Kathy poked him harder.‭ “‬Peter‭!”

He jolted awake.‭ “‬What the fuck just happened?”

“Great quality time we‭’‬re spending together.‭”

He yawned.‭ “‬You don‭’‬t have to be sarcastic.‭ ‬I was resting my eyes for a few.‭”

“Sounded more like you were sawing down an entire forest‭’‬s worth of logs.‭”

“Okay,‭ ‬I dozed a bit.‭ ‬Rough morning with the kids.‭”

“Today‭’‬s the big day.‭ ‬Avadon‭’‬s coming home from the hospital.‭”

“So I heard.‭ ‬Tried calling the boy earlier,‭ ‬but his supervisor said he took the rest of the day off.‭ ‬May have met Ava to pick up their little grasshopper.‭”

“My God,‭ ‬Donovan taking off work‭? ‬Never thought I‭’‬d see the day.‭”

‭“Kathy, he would walk on hot coals if it meant being with Avadon.”

She smiled.‭ “‬Kind of like someone else I know who spoils his own daughter silly.‭”

“Not I,‭”‬ Peter replied with mock innocence.

‭“Mmm, hmm. Like father, like son.”

“When did you‭ ‬say Mamie was due to bring Peta home‭?”

“Around six.‭ ‬Why‭?”

“I believe I mentioned something earlier about us blowing off work early for quality time together.‭ ‬You know,‭ ‬something we don‭’‬t have very often.‭”

“Oh,‭ ‬yes,‭ ‬not long before you were snoring like‭ ‬a bear in front of the TV.‭”

He ran a hand up her thigh with a mischievous gleam in his eye.‭ “‬There‭’‬s still a few hours left.‭”

Kathy laughed.‭ “‬Oh,‭ ‬so‭ ‬this was what you meant by‭ ‬‘quality time‭’.”

Peter gave her a wide grin but said nothing.

‭“You dirty old man.”

“Oh,‭ ‬but it was okay for you to attack ‬me in the den after coming home from your massage appointment the other day‭?”

Before she could react,‭ ‬Peter‭’‬s lips found hers.‭ ‬His tongue slid into her mouth and they locked into an intense kiss.‭ ‬When Kathy began rubbing his crotch,‭ ‬he grasped her breasts and massaged them over her top.

‭“Wow,” she said after they broke the kiss, “what brought on all of this?”

“Peta‭’‬s not going to be home for a few more hours,‭ ‬both of us are obviously horny, and we could use some well-earned rest and relaxation.”

She resumed rubbing his crotch.‭ “In that case,‬ maybe we‭ ‬can fit a little fun.‭”


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