‘Anne of Green Gables’ New Cover

CreateSpace has offered a new cover version for Anne of Green Gables. Many readers of the popular classic have offered offered more than their share of negative feedback, some dubbing it “Anne Hathaway of Green Gables.”

Where is the spirited 11-year-old redhead from the early 1900’s with her famous pigtails, freckles, and sun hat? Does an old standard really need to be revamped with a blonde reclining on a haystack, smiling suggestively?

Does a little girl most of us read about during our own growing-up years need to be sexualized? Whoever thought of this cover design either didn’t grasp the original material or – more than likely – didn’t read it at all.

Granted there are going to be arguments that Anne is “getting with the times,” the new cover girl is pretty, and the plaid shirt is a nice touch, but what happened to the old adage of “don’t fix what isn’t broken?”

Classics are classics for a reason. Why change what already works?

Read more about what others are thinking of the cover makeover on Global News.ca.


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