Sweet Sunday: Teaser from ‘Klass Act’ 2/10/13


Lana visited Donovan an hour after Avadon went home with Ava.‭ ‬Thrilled,‭ ‬he playfully swept her into his arms and off the floor.

‭“Oh my God, Donovan!” she cried with laughter while clinging to his shoulders. “Put me down!”

“Not yet, little one. There’s one rule before I do.‭”


“You have to kiss me.‭”

‭“That’s not a problem.” Lana gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

‭“Uh, uh. You have to do better than that, baby.”

After just a moment’s hesitation,‭ ‬Lana opened her mouth and Donovan‭’‬s tongue slipped past her lips.‭ ‬She met it with her own before they briefly made out in the middle of his living room.

‭“Much better,” he said and gently released her.


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