‘Klass Act’ Now on Sale!

KlassAct_coverKlass Act, The Cruiserweight Series’ third installment, is now on sale in ebook format.

The book’s lead character, Donovan Klass, was introduced in the series’ second book, The Cruiserweight’s Daughter, as Autumn Kerrigan’s childhood friend. In Klass Act, he’s in his mid-twenties and single father of a young daughter. Donovan also realized his longtime ambition of becoming a juvenile probation officer. Upon the reader’s initial impression, he appears content with his current career and sharing custody of his little girl with her mother.

When Donovan eventually sees both his best friend Marcus Tucker and his daughter’s mother achieve their respective successes in wrestling – and receives constant pressure from both his father, Peter Klass, and Brett Kerrigan to follow Peter’s footsteps into the ring – Donovan is faced with a tough decision whether or not to switch careers, and how doing such would affect the people for whom he cares the most.

Klass Act’s official trailer may be viewed on YouTube.

Klass Act is available for $2.99 USD on Amazon and £2.03 GBP on Amazon.uk.


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