On Recognition, Upcoming Reading and Possible Ring Announcer Gig

Hey, everyone!

I finally managed time to post a new blog entry with lots of new things happening in the upcoming weeks/months I look forward to sharing with all of you.

This summer has been a busy time for me thus far; between releases of Klass Act and two erotica short story ebooks, I’ve been working on a regular basis writing The Marilyn Diaries, which I’m hoping will be released in late summer/early fall 2013 and broadcasting The L. Anne Carrington Show on a weekly basis in between other commitments. I hope you all have been enjoying the show and new books much as I love sharing all my past and present works with everyone.

I will be interviewed and read an excerpt from Klass Act on BlogTalkRadio’s WebbWeaver Books show on July 23. The broadcast will begin at noon Eastern time, 11AM central. You can view the list of my scheduled upcoming online and personal appearances at this link. Keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change, though it is updated on a regular basis.

There is a good chance I could be working with a well-known but retired wrestler on a tell-all biography; we’ve been in discussion about such a project over the last several days. There are a few issues which need checking into before anything is confirmed or scrapped, but if the proposed official project doesn’t come to fruition, plans for an unofficial book are in the process. If and when such a project is completed, new publishers will be sought.

I’d also like to share a moment from this past Friday (July 5). If any of you had the feeling someone was watching you, that happened to me in a waiting room where I sat for my scheduled appointment. I don’t know what initially prompted the feeling, but when I looked up, I noticed someone reading the paperback version of The Cruiserweight. At one point, the reader must have spotted my photo on the book’s back cover, because they glanced in my direction a few times.

Now I’ve had people comment online many times on The Cruiserweight and its subsequent books in the series and even signed a few paperback copies of The Cruiserweight at occasional related live events, but until Friday, I never had the experience of being approached in a doctor’s office waiting room to sign someone’s copy of one of my books. I hope the reader enjoyed that moment much as I did, and I’m grateful they – among others – took the time to buy at least one of my books.

Yet something else may be on the horizon! Could an author become ring announcer, albeit it being a one-time gig? It could happen, ladies and gentlemen! My manager is presently in negotiations for me to be a guest ring announcer for an independent wrestling show located in the Tampa area in either late summer or early fall. Since said negotiations are still pending, I don’t have any additional information to offer, but once everything’s settled, I’ll be happy to pass along any and all new details.

If you’d like to ask a question or offer feedback at any time, everyone is welcome to either leave a message on the site or email writingmerchant@gmail.com at any time. Just make sure questions/comments are tasteful and not too personal. If you have a topic idea or like to be guests on future episodes of The L. Anne Carrington Show, I welcome those as well.

Thank you all for the continued support. Have a happy, safe, and enjoyable summer.


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