Seeking For Art Institute Designers for Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2013

Pittsburgh Fashion Week is seeking student designers for its Back-To-Back runway shows during the explosive week. September 23 – 29, 2013.

This year Pittsburgh Fashion Week will yet again present back-to-back runway shows with one of PFW’s proud sponsors….The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – showcasing its fashion student designers. What other place than to parade the catwalk than the Flagship location – right in the heart of Pittsburgh, Saturday September 28, 2013?

Presenting…Back-To-Back Student Runway Showcase “Back To Basics:”


Student must be currently attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh or at most one year graduated
Designs must be executed by designer (not outside entity)
At least Two (2) finished garments presented at audition to show construction skills

Students will present garments in front of a panel of judges and then notified at the end of that week of their second interview consideration.


WHEN: Monday July 29, 2013
TIME: 5:30PM
LOCATION: Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Gallery)


RSVP by Sunday July 28, 2013 11 PM:


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