Project Evolution Returns…Bigger and Better!

Beginning Bigger With Two Hundred Seats Already Filled!

Many of you may have heard of Project Evolution held a few years ago at the Pittsburgh’s Playwrites. It was so successful that Project Evo sold out a theater and the buzz never died. The requests to hold the event again have never stopped coming.  Now imagine Evo II Bigger and Better than before! Imagine 200 seats already filled before public sale! Yes, you read that correctly! And with that said, you definitely won’t want to miss this! You will definitely want to be involved! How is that possible? Keep reading!

It All Started with a Vision

A few years ago, the Founder of Project Evolution, Dawn Lilly, had a vision. In this vision she saw people doing what they already do in their everyday lives but it benefiting others. Models walking, designers designing, artists performing, vendors vending and so forth. She thought, what if, for one event, we brought it all together in a collaborative performance that would evolve our everyday routine into something so much greater.

Evolution is defined as change in the inherited characteristics over successive generations. The characteristics of the previous generations benefiting the next. Our generations characteristics and talent’s could evolve to benefit our future generation – the children. This was the birth of Project Evolution and mission to support the Homeless Childen’s Education Fund and not only raise funds, but awareness as well.

There are nearly 20,000 homeless children in Pennsylvania.  Project Evo is your call to action!

Raising Awareness and building a full house!  How did Project Evo II already fill 200 seats before public sale!

In Evo I, there were nearly 100 volunteers behind the scenes.  All talking about the upcoming Project Evo via their social networks – Imagine the buzz.   Project Evolution is the young professional, the underground fashion and artist community in Pittsburgh.  It is an event unlike any other, where not as an organization or group but rather as a community an event is produced by the masses.  With ten performances and ten runway shows at Project Evo, reception entertainment and much more, every artist, model, designer, vendor and volunteer collaborates and assists in branding, ticket sales, budget building, obtaining sponsors, etc, all before public ticket sales.  This assures that not only will they produce a successful fundraising event for the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, but also insure a win/win for everyone involved.  They guarantee, artists, models, designers and sponsors a sold out venue! Once 200 seats are filled and the buzz is buzzing, imagine how many people will want to grab their tickets before a few hundred more are sold out once the public sale begins!

It’s like nothing you have seen!  Project Evo strives for different!

The runway shows are choreographed to live artist performances!  The reception area includes beverages, food and entertainment for everyone.  Evo II will have a battle box where for a donation of any amount to the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, guests can battle a local dancer or rapper for entry into a prize drawing and more! Just like the  first Project Evolution, this is an event that people will talk about for years!

With only ten artist performances and ten runway shows, slots for designers and artists are limited.

You will want to get your spot ASAP!  Here is how you can get involved in Project Evolution and enjoy entertainment and branding like none other to an audience of hundreds of people. Secure your place now:

Stay In The Loop and RSVP for a chance to win a prize at Evo!  Like the Facebook Page and RSVP to the event:


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