Grammarly Guest Blog: Online Tools That Will Help You Become A Better Writer

I’d like to thank Nikolas Baron of for today’s guest post.


Online Tools That Will Help You Become A Better Writer

No one is born a great writer. Sure, some may be born better than others, but no one is born great. Great writers are made through sheer will alone. It takes constant attention and a drive to shape the skills you were born with into something else—something extraordinary.

Writers today have a distinct advantage on the road to greatness: the Internet. At your very fingertips is a treasure trove full of knowledge every writer, even twenty years ago, would have killed for. However, navigating and learning which resources the Internet has to offer can take a lifetime, which is why I am here to help.

Greetings writers. My name is Nick and I study the art of writing. I work over at the well-known grammar improvement and proofing website site Part of my job is studying the writing habits of people and helping them raise their skillset. This has inevitably led me to a number of great online resources that will undoubtedly mold you into a better writer. I have organized these tools into categories for your convenience.

Improving Writing Skills

1.       Writer’s Digest—an excellent resources for any writer wanting to improve their skillset and get published. Writer’s Digest has a place for every writer to learn. Just click on the articles tab and you can read articles based on genre, writing goal, or even your skillset. Believe me, there is an article for everyone. Further, the site has an excellent online community, fun competitions, and a great resources page.

2.       The Elements of Style—yes, this is indeed the must-have reference book written by William Strunk, Jr. The book uses analysis of classic literature coupled with writing exercises to improve your literary flow in no time. Click the link for a free, online version.

3.       Diploma Guide—an impressive list of free writing courses covering fiction, essay, poetry, and even copyediting and proofreading. This list will have you writing at a college level without spending a dime. Nifty.

4.       Copywriting 101—copywriting is an excellent way to earn a few dollars while writing your next novel, though it is important to note it requires a slightly different skillset. Use this site to learn everything you need to know about the world of copywriting.

Grammar Tools

Excellent grammar is one of the many things that will separate your writing from understandable to incomprehensible chicken gargle. As a writer, don’t you think it’s high-time you learned proper usage of the language you are writing in?

1.       Purdue’s Online Writing Lab—one of the best grammar resources on the internet today. Purdue’s OWL has an easy-to-read and understandable format for learning even the trickiest parts of English grammar. OWL is an excellent resource that will greatly improve your knowledge on both grammar and writing styles.

2.       Grammarly—is quickly becoming the go-to for many writers. As the site boldly claims, “the world’s best grammar checker” and it is mighty hard to call it a liar. Grammarly checks your writing comprehensively for spelling and grammatical errors, doing much more than your favorite word processor. Aside from correcting errors, the site also teaches you the error of your ways and educates you based on your mistakes. Further, Grammarly can detect plagiarism, suggest citations, make stylistic edits and more, making Grammarly a must have for any aspiring writer. Oh, did I mention the grammar check is free?

3.       Chicago Manual of Style—c’mon, you know that no “grammar” section is complete without the end-all and be-all of grammar—the Chicago Manual of Style. These are the guys that set the rules you have to play by so why not learn from them? The site has a paid subscription to access their grammar bible but you can access the online community for free which has never ending conversations about proper usage.

Obviously this list is not meant to be complete, but it is meant to get you started in the right (or write, get it? It’s a pun) direction. Pursuing knowledge will undoubtedly open doors and open your minds. Until next time!


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