How to Maximize Social Media Without Selling Out

As writers, it can be a challenge to market our books or other writing endeavor-related subjects. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can make such promotion a bit easier, but it’s all in the wording, and of course, not “selling out.”

Women Writers, Women’s Books featured an excellent blog post by New Delhi-based writer and broadcast journalist Amrita Tripathi in December 2013. Ms Tripathi is also proficient in the use of social media and offered some insights, including:

1. Making sure everything you post is tweetable.

2. Making efforts to communicate with your followers.

3. Be self-deprecating, not self-effacing.

4. NOT being smarmy.

5. Balancing “snark.”

6. Use of hashtags.

You can read more of Ms. Tripathi’s blog post at this link.


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