Adult Short Story Collections

The following books contain content not suitable for readers under age 18.

All books are released by Rising Temperatures Press and  available in Kindle format only.


Lusty Ladies and Bad Babes
(May 2013)



New short stories for summer: A two-part story of a naughty nanny who offers her own special kind of services to the man of the house, a former exotic dancer with an appetite for married lovers working as a personal assistant to an unhappily married man, and a mysterious customer of the town diner who secretly lusts after a full-figured waitress before his fantasy comes true.


Secret Heat: Tales of Forbidden Lust
(May 2013)



A new collection of five scorching adult short stories: A man’s fantasy about his sexy daughter-in-law, a father gives an unexpected form of comfort to his son’s girlfriend, a young woman expresses her long-secret desire for her former guardian, a mother’s best friend become’s daughter’s first lover, and a nanny offers her unnamed ‘special’ services to the man of the house.


Behind Office Doors: Sex at Work
(December 2012)



What really happens behind those doors at the office? Four short stories outline tales of erotic encounters at work:

A young office cleaning girl attracts a lonely executive’s attention after hours, a daughter attempts to convince her father’s boss to save Daddy’s job, an ambitious journalist goes the extra mile to cinch her dream job, and a businessman’s bad day has an unexpected yet great ending, thanks to his sexy receptionist.


Beautiful: Four Short Stories of Curvy Woman Love
(September 2012)



Four short stories of plus size heroines and the men who loved them aimed toward a main lesson we all need to remember: looks aren’t everything.

True, sometimes looks can help in the initial attraction of a potential mate, but it’s what’s inside a person that makes them beautiful.


Cougars and Studs 4: Stranger Sex
(July 2012)



A woman’s unexpected encounter with two men and another woman during a weekend retreat, another’s unusual encounter with a Good Samaritan after running out of gas on a lonely road, a bored housewife meets a dark stranger at the gym, surprise and other stories of encounters between near strangers are among the passion-filled erotic tales in Cougars and Studs final book in its series.


Cougars and Studs 3: Men on the Hunt
(June 2012)



Third in the Cougars and Studs series, Cougars and Studs 3: Men on the Hunt features eight stories told from the men’s point of view.

The young men in Cougars and Studs 3 could be anyone: long time friends, the guy next door, bartenders at favorite clubs, gorgeous pizza delivery men, business associates, sexy auto mechanics, or even a random jogger in the park.

All of them have one common interest – they’ve had memorable sexual experiences with older women and enjoyed every one.


Cougars and Studs 2: More Tales of Older Women and Younger Men
(June 2012)



Second in the Cougars and Studs series, Cougars and Studs 2 is a collection of eight erotic short stories.

Eight mature ladies explore their wild sides with a variety of young men – a personal trainer, firemen, adventurous men out for a night on the town, and even a sexy stranger offering a ride – among tales that will heat up the night.


Cougars and Studs: Steamy Tales of Older Women and Younger Men
(May 2012)



A middle-aged woman celebrating her birthday with unconventional style, a sexy seductress finding a great bargain on plumbing repairs, an ambitious journalist who goes the extra mile to land her story, and a single woman whose construction worker fantasies are realized are among ten erotic short stories of older women -known commonly as “cougars” – and the trysts with much-younger lovers who lust for them.


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