Reviews and Other Accolades

This is the page which other writers gave their thoughts on both L. Anne Carrington and/or her books

Arlena Dean, What’s Has Arlena Read and Reviewed? book blogger on Life Subject To Change:

“Now, I didn’t want to tell you too much… only hit some of the highlights of the chapters. I found that Life Subject To Change was indeed a helpful book for anyone who needs to know what all is involved in having a mammogram check. I would definitely recommend you read this well written read about how this author walked through her mammogram procedure. Wow, being diagnosed, treated and catching any abnormalities in early stages is what we want to hear in the end results. Thank you very much for sharing this read with the readers. I would definitely recommend it to all who are interested in the mammogram process to read this novel and yes ‘Life Subject To Change.'”

Roy Dan Baron, Texas Freedom Party State Chair and 2016 Freedom Party Candidate for the U.S. Presidency:
“You were wonderful and Kiler [Davenport] and I loved you a lot!! You are so down to earth and real wow!” – message following 3/8/14 radio appearance.

Danielle Lee Zwissler, Cowboys and Cowgirls Series author on Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star:

This book was so much more than I expected it to be. I am not a fan of non-fiction work at all, and when I was asked to read this book for an honest review, I did so because of the class act that is L. Anne Carrington. I didn’t expect to like the book. In fact, I expected to fall asleep.
This book is truly inspirational in every aspect. It follows the life/career path of Peter Alan Gruner Jr. As I read through the book, I was entranced by the information and wanted to keep reading. I finished this book in one night.

Melissa B. Perry, author of Camellia and Ballad on Klass Act:

This sounds like a very interesting story, because it’s one of those “dream-chasing” stories, which I do happen to like.

I think your synopsis leaves me asking a lot of questions, too, in a good way. It makes me wonder how is he [Donovan] going to achieve his goal and balance home life and even the criticism from the people around him, and I like how you conveyed that. It also makes me wonder about a possible inner conflict with himself, as well.

Jan S. on Klass Act:

When I heard there was a new Cruiserweight Series book on sale, I bought a copy not knowing what to expect. I read the other two Cruiserweight books, and I think this will be my favorite thus far. The original book (The Cruiserweight), while fairly good, had a bit too many sexual situations and references to marijuana use for my taste. The Cruiserweight’s Daughter was a little better, and the latter book introduced us to the Klass family (Peter and his son Donovan), and Donovan’s best friend Marcus, among an array of other characters.

While Donovan was a somewhat typical devil-may-care college boy in The Cruiserweight’s Daughter, in Klass Act, we see him a bit more settled. Now in his mid-twenties, he is helping raise his four-year-old daughter, Avadon, a cute yet curious child conceived under less than ideal circumstances, but very much loved by her parents. He and Avadon’s mother, Ava, have a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement until someone new enters each other’s lives: Donovan rescues Lana, a young ballerina who lives in his apartment building, from a precarious situation while Ava falls for an affluent man little over a decade older than she. I’d go on, but I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone else!

Donovan seems to enjoy his career as a juvenile probation officer, even if some of his caseload can be challenging. He appears happy with his life, at least it appears such early in the book, until he sees Ava and Marcus rise to the top of their respective career ladders in addition to his enduring constant pressure from both his father (Peter) and Brett Kerrigan (The Cruiserweight’s main character who went on to open a wrestling school) to train for his own spot in the wrestling world. It’s a great deal of pressure for such a young single father to handle, but Donovan seems to handle everything well in spite of having to make some tough decisions about both his personal and professional lives. Despite the pressure from Peter to train, Donovan has a strong relationship with his father and stepmother, and adores his little half-sister, Peta, a girl less than a year older than Avadon.

The sub-story of sorts in Klass Act revolves around retired seven-time cruiserweight champion (and now wrestling trainer) Peter Klass, complete with many hilarious moments many long-suffering spouses and adult children will identify with. While Peter has his cantankerous and mischievous moments, his side of being a loving husband, father, grandfather, and caring friend shines through brilliantly.

Some who read Klass Act may find Donovan and Lana’s relationship a bit stilted at first, but it comes down to one thing in the beginning some men have felt at one time or another: Donovan doesn’t think he’s good enough for Lana. Once things eventually blossom between them, an ash sparks into a full-blown fire. Again, I’m not spoiling anything by going into specifics!

Yes, Klass Act does have sex scenes, but are pretty much toned down in contrast to those in The Cruiserweight, and this book is more well-written. Overall, there are conflicts, scary moments, laugh-out-loud situations, family love, and a smooth story of how to handle life’s changes. Klass Act, in my opinion, is the best edition of The Cruiserweight Series. Even if you don’t like wrestling, this book can be appealing to most everyone.

Kristal McKerrington, author of  Marie’s World and In the Shadows on The Cruiserweight’s Daughter:

From the first book L. Anne Carrington has released, you get sucked in with the characters. You see them develop and you can’t help not wanting to join them on their journey. Young Autumn’s story is fresh and makes for a great story. She is trying to find her place in her Daddy’s world. With the twists and turns you’ll not want to put this book down. I wouldn’t go into the depth of this book as I don’t want to spoil it. This is a great book for erotica readers and also for those who liked to see a different point of view on the wrestling industry. You’ll not want to read any book more. So make sure you grab them up and you’ll find yourself apart of the Autumn fan club in no time.

Lily Byrne, author of Ragnar the Murderer on Cougars and Studs:

“Lori’s hit an up and coming (no pun intended) new genre.”

FC Maeila, author of Ireland: Memories of our Childhood on The Cruiserweight’s Daughter:

“What a wonderful, entertaining and gripping story. From the beginning, you hooked me right in, with all the good story line questions, why, where, when and how?? Perfect descriptions of her home life and her loving parents plus the detailed account of the affairs and then you totally engaged me with the answers to the main question. Why would lovely Autumn drop out of a good school??

This is a girl’s chick book, the younger generation would appreciate the story and issues discussed and the older generation would be learning from the experiences and emotions displayed. “

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, via Twitter 10/18/10:
“You are too great! Thanks!”

Revenge Ink bestselling author Mat Jackson, So Shall Ye Reap:
“Gorgeous lass, great book, check it [The Cruiserweight] out!”

Leigh Fallon, author of The Carrier of the Mark, published by HarperCollins 2011 on The Cruiserweight:
“I never thought I’d find myself reading a book where wrestling was central to the story line, but here I am and not only that, but enjoying it too.”

Anthony J. Valvo,’s “Mr. V.” on The Cruiserweight:

“I hope for all the best with your book. If I know anything, it is that writers from Pittsburgh are highly credible, right? I do plan on purchasing the book online soon, but will be getting it on paperback when it comes out. I do this not because I heard great things about you, but that you are in fact from the greatest city in the U.S. I wish you well and best of luck with the book.”

Simon & Schuster author Karen Hillard Good, Reindeer Christmas and The Very Best Pumpkin on The Cruiserweight:
“I really like your character Brett and I’m hoping things work out for him with Karen. Good luck with this!”

Simon & Schuster author Lisa Adams, Lords of War, Teen Queens and Has-Beens and The Princess of Pop on The Cruiserweight:
“Ok, so if ever there was the antithesis of “The Wrestler,” this is it. I learned more about the sport of pro wrestling than I ever have the umpteen years of the sport’s existence. I like the extensive use of dialogue instead of the blocks of narrative with a little dialogue thrown in. You have picked an obtuse subject matter, but you have handled it well. And Karen’s character drew me in because female sports journalists are on the rise.”

Angela Brown, Wild Child Publishing
on The Cruiserweight:

“Story has potential. Storyline seems to be solid.”

Tim Roux, That Right Publishing on The Cruiserweight:
“It’s a quirky story that very much fits what we are trying to achieve.”

Pushcart Prize nominee and S.W. Writers Contest Thriller Category winner Gary Ponzo, author of A Touch of Deceit on The Cruiserweight:

“Obviously a talented writer.  Would love to see more.”

Dustin Dekarske, CEO, Future Shock Pro Wrestling on The Cruiserweight:

“OMFG! Amazing!”